Big Hairy Dog offers technical support and solutions to meet the unique needs of thousands of retail organizations worldwide. The following is just a sampling of the retail sectors we serve.


With the ability to import vendor items directly into your system from online catalogues and go straight to a purchase order, your receiving department will run like a dream.


Fastbound electronic bound book integration with 4473 form and ATF reporting capability, range tracking, and much more.

Team Sports

The compatibility between Retail Pro and QuickBooks, along with our extremely knowledgeable service technicians, is partly why our retailers consider us part of the team.

Cosmetics & Gift

One-of-a-kind pieces require customized inventory management that also allows you to keep note of personal customer information so that you can offer a uniquely tailored experience.


Gifts. Snacks. Tickets. Donations. Out-of-town visitors. Our POS system can track it all.


Ranked #1 eight years in the row.

Big Hairy Dog Awards


We serve several niche markets, each with unique and sometimes complex needs. Take a look at any of our Customer Spotlights to see how we’ve customized our products for different retailers. Favorite features include touch screens, secure seven-second register audits, the ability to quickly conduct inventory checks/reports during store hours, the capacity to allocate product to multiple stores, binning and scoring that allows customers to be categorized based on customizable metrics for specific marketing purposes, and automatic pricing updates… just to name a few.

Big Hairy Dog is widely recognized as the Premier Sales & Support company for some of the top Point of Sale and inventory control systems in the world. Big Hairy Dog customer service is simply unrivaled.
Here is what our clients say:

" The front end of Prism is working spectacularly! We see a big improvement, so much better that we hoped for!”

Scott - Alaska Riverways - Fairbanks, AK

"I have been a Big Hairy Dog client for 21 years! They have always been amazing and have taken good care of my business.”

Brenda – The Lingerie Shoppe – Birmingham, AL

"Big Hairy Dog is the best company ever!”

Laquita – Zoey Belle’s Boutique - Sheffield, AL

"I love Big Hairy Dog and appreciate how knowledgeable your techs and trainers are!”

Eric - Dave's Running Shop - Delta, OH

"Rod and I have loved working with Big Hairy Dog. Transferring to you 15 yrs ago was one of the best business decisions we ever made! I want to make sure to thank all of you for the great service and support we have received from you. We would be happy to be a reference for you should you ever need one. ”

Sharon – Midwest Mountaineering – Minneapolis, MN

"Yesterday I was in the tech chat room asking a ton of questions. I had three separate techs helping me. I wanted to let you know that Todd, Kevin, and Art are so fantastic! They went above and beyond to help me. They were kind, funny, and knowledgeable. I really appreciated them! Autumn and Alese are very kind and helpful too!

Nicole – Boot Country – Milford, OH

"Hands down the long-time relationship and outstanding professional support provided by Big Hairy Dog for the past almost 20 years is the best!”

Ann – Glamour House – Santa Barbara, CA

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is their quick response time!”

Sherrie – Bancroft Uniforms – San Leandro, CA

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is the reliability of everyone I've conversed with. If one person isn't sure of the answer, they find someone that is. It really makes me trust the answers I receive.”

Alyssa – Betsy’s of Ligonier – Ligonier, PA

"I have recently closed my boutique of 36 years. I feel that a large part of my success, especially financially, can be attributed to Big Hairy Dog, Retail Pro POS software, and the information generated in reports. I would recommend Big Hairy Dog to any business any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Thank you for a most profitable 22 years of partnership! In the event my future finds me in a consulting position . . . or opening a new boutique, Big Hairy Dog will be my first tool to suggest to other businesses.”

Ann – Glamour House – Santa Barbara, CA

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is their service!”

Rick – Fly Fishing Specialties – Citrus Heights, CA

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is their great staff! Retail Pro software does a great job for us.”

Al – Fiddler’s Green Golf Co. – Eugene, OR

"Kudos to Conrad who took ownership of the Cayan issues and called three times today to check in on us. Nobody does that kind of service anymore!”

Jason – Olson’s Tack – Bellevue, WA

"I have been a customer of Big Hairy Dog for 8 years! We are delighted with this company. Anytime they answer the phone they are very very helpful! ”

Ali – Soccer City – Lewisville, TX

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog are the people. Ken, Nick, Paula, Mary and Roberta all ROCK!”

Becky – Cole Sports – Park City, UT

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is getting help when I need it. You are fast!”

Sherrie – Bancroft Uniforms – San Leandro, CA

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is your quick response time!”

James – American Horse Products – San Juan Capistrano, CA

"Love the product now but did not in the beginning.”

Bill – Hot Rags – Bolingbrook, IL

"Conrad was very patient as we were having some hardware set up issues when he called. He was very detailed and efficient in taking care of our issues.”

Bob – Fit My Feet – Sioux Falls, SD

"Kevin called right on time and updated our software. He answered all my questions and did a GREAT job!”

Carol – Acorn Farm – Milford, MI

"Thank you for all you do! I just wish we were on the same coast.”

Liz - Nauticus Gift Shop – Norfolk, VA

"I originally hated Retail Pro, but your technicians and your service department are so helpful. I love it now! I am amazed at how intelligent your techs are and I truly appreciate having real people to receive help from.”

Jack – Rockfish Gap Outfitters – Waynesboro, VA

"We love our large hirsute canine friends at Big Hairy Dog.”

Steve – Aramark – Yosemite National Park

"Brian was very accommodating and attentive to the needs of the Wine Train. We appreciate his diligence in resolving our matter and ensuring we were all taken care of. ”

Mark – The Napa Valley Wine Train – Napa, CA

"I’ve been with Big Hairy Dog for many years. Tech support with Art has been the BEST EVER!”

Sheila – Personal Reflections – Opelousas, LA

"Kevin was wonderful! He stayed in constant communication and worked diligently to get our problem solved. I greatly appreciate his hard work, kindness, and professionalism.”

Jenny – Lizard Thicket #6 – Marietta, GA

"Ken knows his stuff! He was very helpful and patient with all my questions. Thank you!”

Kimiko – Hot Rags – Bolingbrook, IL

"I love Big Hairy Dog and their support!”

Mina – Peninsula Uniforms – Redwood City, CA

"I do like working with Big Hairy Dog, everyone has been so helpful!”

Janet – Poppy Reserve Mojave Desert Interpretive Association – Lancaster, CA

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is their prompt and through attention to detail and how reachable the techs are when we need help. ”

Mary Lou – South Bend Cubs – South Bend, IN

"Thank you for the support you give!”

Liz – Nauticus Gift Shop – Norfolk, VA

"I love that Big Hairy Dog makes it easy to fix any of the crazy problems that pop up.”

Anne – The Nest – Greendale, WI

"We absolutely love Big Hairy Dog and the system. Not one complaint and nothing but praise to the Big Hairy Dog team.”

Bob - Mud Mart, Rancho Cordova, CA

"Training is going well on V8. I love all the improvements I am seeing and I love working with Tanya. She is the best. My question is why didn’t you make me do this years ago? LOL, I know you tried. Slap my hand and say bad Gregg!”

Gregg – Boyer Boot & Shoe Repair Quincy, IL

"Retail Pro has saved my business. If I would have continued to buy inventory the way I was before using the system I would be out of business by now.”

Bruce – Bancroft Uniforms San Leandro, CA

"Every single contact we have made to Big Hairy Dog has been outstanding.”

Reed – Masten Fine Framing and Gifts Greenwood Village, CO

"I LOVE my Retail Pro system! It has always done everything I need and want!”

Scott - Reno-Tahoe Golf Headquarters Reno, NV

"It's nice to have a live person to call who sees our issues through to resolution. Your escalation in tech support is great! You guys understand what is really important and needs to be fixed immediately, versus what can wait for a callback. Even better, you always get back to us in the same day and with an answer.”

Dave - LSL Brands Lahaska, PA

"Your techs really know what’s going on! When we call for support, they get to the problem right away and fix it, as opposed to our last support group where there was a lot of hit & miss before they realized what the problem was.”

Carol - Altmeyer’s Delmont, PA

"Kevin is outstanding! Every time he calls, he goes above and beyond to help me out. He even had me send in pictures to better understand our set-up!”

Kacey – Emily Joubert Woodside, CA

"I got a little bit of Jeff & and a little bit of Ken, what could be better? Nothing is better than my original guys!”

Leslie - Jest Jewels San Francisco, CA

"I had excellent help as it ends another year full of reports and inventory items. Everything is running smoothly and I am grateful that I have your company to call upon. Everyone is so very kind and I love working Big Hairy Dog! Thanks so much!”

Diana - De Carli Enterprises Petaluma, CA

"Thanks for the flexibly - I'm a business owner with a newborn baby, and Big Hairy Dog has been incredibly flexible and accommodating. I can't thank you enough!”

Courtney - P. Cottontail & Co. Half Moon Bay, CA

"Outstanding customer service and support - always!”

Marjorie - The Lingerie Shoppe Larkspur, CA

"I appreciate your efforts to keep in touch. We feel much like family to be truthful. We have been forthright in posing questions or issues and your company has been responsive each time. I think it’s been about 20 years (maybe a few more) that we’ve been together and we still are still in love. ”

Ron - Ron Robinson Inc. Los Angeles, CA

"The techs are amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable.”

Nathan - Grand Canyon West Peach Springs, AZ

"The Big Hairy Dog techs are polite and nice. Good conversations.”

Colin - Cop Copine San Francisco, CA

"Retail Pro is simple to use and Big Hairy Dog provides friendly service.”

Colleen- His Vessel Ministries Montgomery, AL

"I literally love every single person at Big Hairy Dog. The people make all the difference in the world. I love being able to say "Remember that one time I called and (this) happened?" and the tech replies "Yes!" and the call goes so much smoother. That doesn't happen with another tech support. If I am not your biggest fan, please let me know who is so I can fix this.”

Ann Marie- Harrisburg Senators Harrisburg, PA

"As always, Big Hairy Dog has the best tech support!”

Marco – Western Farm Center Santa Rosa, CA

"I love how nice everyone is when we call in. ”

Jessica - Acredale Saddlery Virginia Beach, VA

"I love the way QB POS has streamlined our annual inventory. We used the handheld inventory machines with our inventory last year and it went very smooth and FAST!”

Sheila - Fort Laramie Historical Association Fort Laramie, WY

"Big Hairy Dog has great customer service and is always there to help when needed! ”

John - Doug’s Hood River – Hood River, OR

"Great customer service!”

Kathy - Acorn Farm - Milford, MI

"Big Hairy Dog has great techs that know their stuff!”

Craig - Dr. Marten - Portland, OR

"Tech support has been exceptional! It's easy on me, because I support 12 applications and knowing Big Hairy Dog has great support means that is one less program, I need to learn myself. Your techs bend over backwards for us. Thank you!”

David - Northern Quest Casino -Airway Heights, WA

"Y’all are great. We are very glad we made the move to Big Hairy Dog.”

Lee - Bike Barn – Houston, TX

"If you ever need a reference call me 24/7. You guys are the gold standard!”

Edward – Bida Shoes – North Miami Beach, FL

"Favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is the great customer service and that I can always count on them when needed!”

Dana – Little Muddy Gifts - Williston, ND

"Retail Pro & Big Hairy Dog are amazing! I recently did a PI & it was great, so happy with Retail Pro. It makes doing a PI so easy. The reporting is great. I can create reports on anything I ask for. Love the peeps at Big Hairy Dog & keep up the good work!”

Dorothy – Nevada State Historical Society – Reno, NV

"Big Hairy Dog takes the time to work through our problem.”

Bill - Nautical Wheelers Oriental, NC

"Great Service!”

Jim – Montana Ink & Toner – Great Falls, MT

"Our favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is the Customer Service! Everyone is friendly and non-judgmental with our silly questions.”

Tim- Masten Fine Framing & Art- Greenwood, CO

"I love the awesome techs at Big Hairy Dog!”

Jacob - Splash Perfume – Hialeah, FL

"I love everyone who works at Big Hairy Dog. Nick, Darrell, and JoAnne to name my favorites plus the ladies who answer the phones!”

Carrie – Lafayette Beauty Store – Lafayette, CA

"What I like about Big Hairy Dog is that you keep your word as to when you will call me back. Everyone is very patient with me and makes sure that I fully understand before they finish the call.”

Marie- Mountain Parks Foundation- Felton, CA

"Big Hairy Dog’s customer service is fantastic!”

Mindy – Museum of the Mountain Man- Pinedale, WY

"Big Hairy Dog is very competent in resolving issues.”

Charles- Shell Seekers (ETS Client) – Charlotte Amalie, MI

"You put your customers first! Nobody else does that in your industry.”

Michelle- School Apparel – Baton Rouge, LA

"I appreciation how you gave it to me straight, didn’t try to sugar coat and cut corners. Thank you for your forthright stance, it is appreciated.”

Jack - Ideal Uniforms - Valley Stream, NY

"I wanted to take the time to tell all of you at Big Hairy Dog how much I have LOVED doing business with you guys! This is by far one of the best companies I have worked with and highly recommend Big Hairy Dog to everyone I talk POS with. The team there is nothing short of superior! All of the techs I have collaborated with are highly skilled and have been so supportive. Your prompt responses/follow ups, your courteous calls, and assistance on all matters have been so greatly appreciated over the past several years. In today's time, it is so hard to find companies that care for their clientele as you all have. Your team goes above and beyond and should be VERY PROUD of the work you all do. The excellence put forth by Big Hairy Dog has not gone unnoticed by me and I thank you all for everything! Thank you again for a FANTASTIC business relationship over the past several years! I will miss working with you guys.”

Misty - Malena Dale Rey's - Boaz, AL

"I'm very grateful for all the help and support you and your team have provided. I know I'm not your only client, but you made me feel like I am.”

Patty - El Camino Health - Mountain View, CA

"I just want to applaud your trainers! Amazing, wonderful, and helpful!”

Patricia – Lindsay Wildlife Museum – Walnut Creek, CA

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is their customer service!”

Michelle – Tri City Valley Cats- Troy, NY

"Big Hairy Dog Customer Service rocks!!!”

Karen – Schafer Leather – Marietta, OH

"Just a note to let you know what a terrific company you have. After a 25-year professional management career with Raytheon Company and 17 years as Owner of Glamour House, Inc., Big Hairy Dog most definitely stands out as one of the top vendors I have ever worked with. I can be a tough critic so this is by far the highest compliment! ”

Ann - Glamour House - Montecito, CA

"I enjoy working with all the friendly peeps at Big Hairy Dog! Ken and everyone in the tech department are fricken awesome and it has been great working with Jeff Kenshol learning the ropes with Rpro 9.””

Marco - Western Farm Center -Santa Rosa, CA

"I love Big Hairy Dog, especially the techs and their patience!”

Allyson - Noble House La Playa - Naples, FL

"I love Big Hairy Dog and the ability to have customized pages for each person using Retail Pro V9! ”

Will - Get Outdoors - Greensboro, NC

"Big Hairy Dog has great Customer Service!”

Sandi - Indiana Landmark - Frenchlick, IN

"Big Hairy Dog has polite Customer Service!”

Scout - Guardian Games - Corvallis, OR

"The people at Big Hairy Dog are lovely and helpful!”

Hayley – Ambiance - San Francisco, CA

"Big Hairy Dog is very responsive and great to work with!”

Sharon – Harmonique - Oakland, CA

"My favorite things about Big Hairy Dog are the people and the support we get! ”

Tim - Masten Fine Framing - Greenwood, CO

"I love Big Hairy Dog’s friendly Customer Service and Retail Pro V9 is easy to use!”

Stephanie - Rugged Trade - Carlsbad, NM

"I love Big Hairy Dog and their stellar ability to be there for us in emergency situations! I really appreciate the efforts Big Hairy Dog puts into making sure we are up and running ASAP! Thank you!”

Iain - High Country Sportswear - Cranbrook, British Columbia

"Big Hairy Dog has been there for us as we’ve stumbled through learning a new POS system and entering our inventory. You have never made us feel dumb, just helped us figure out what to do. Thank you!”

Janet – Poppy Reserve Mojave Desert Interpretive Association – Lancaster, CA

"You guys are great problem solvers. I always get the help I need no matter the issue!”

Christine – Heartwarmers Inc. – Seneca, SC

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is LuAnne and how easy it is to learn Retail Pro!”

Greg – California Ski Company – Berkeley, CA

"I like how friendly and attentive the folks are at Big Hairy Dog. Retail Pro is very customizable!”

Brian – Harry’s Army Surplus – Dearborn, MI

"Outstanding Customer Service! ”

Eve – Kaiser Permanente – Panorama City, CA

"Setting up our scanners yesterday was a breeze as Art was amazing to work with!”

Leslie – Ray’s Western Wear – Oacoma, SD

"Big Hairy Dog has reliable, competent Customer Service! Keep up the good work!”

Anne -Holiday Boutique -Fresno, CA

"Great Customer Service!”

Rosie – Common Threads - Sisters, OR

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is that you are always there when I have questions!”

Kim - California Pro Sports – Harbor City, CA

"I love the reporting I get from Retail Pro!”

Randy – Wild Things – Salem, OR

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is the Customer Service!”

Mary Lou – South Bend Cubs – South Bend, IN

"Ya’all are so easy to work with and can fix any problem I have!”

Stacey – Queen Bling – Pearland, TX

"Big Hairy Dog has fast service!””

James – Montana Ink & Toner – Great Falls, MT

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is their Customer Service of course!”

Cynthia – Archangel Gabriel Bookstore – Roseville, CA

"Everyone at Big Hairy Dog is nice when we call and you call us back quickly when we need help!”

Jessica - Acredale Saddlery – Virginia Beach, VA

"I have used Retail Pro for many many years, totally satisfied!”

Linda – Equine Shop – Poulsbo, WA

"I really enjoyed working with Art today. My appointment was completed quickly and thoroughly. A great experience overall! ”

Bryan - Paradise Point Resort & Spa - San Diego, CA

"Your techs are the most personal techs in the business and I have worked with many techs! ”

Susan - Eagle Eye Outfitters - Dothan, AL

"One of my favorite things about Big Hairy Dog is their very friendly support staff! ”

Lisa – Dance N Things – Smithtown, NY

"Everyone I have worked with at Big Hairy Dog is very professional and efficient!”

Jim – Corporate Edge – Kearney, NE

"This year has been a tremendous (sometimes overwhelming) learning experience and having partners such as you folks at Big Hairy Dog really has made all the difference!”

Vicki - Folkways - Eugene, OR

"Big Hairy Dog provides GREAT Customer Service!”

Olga – Russian American Company – Sitka, AK

"Big Hairy Dog tech support always has the answer and helps quickly!”

Samantha – Lizard Thicket 009 – McDonough, GA

"Big Hairy Dog techs take the time to train you on how to use Retail Pro so that you can be self-sufficient. It means a lot when the techs want you to succeed!”

Julia – LSL Brands – Lahaska, PA

"I love that Big Hairy Dog is always there to help me if there’s a problem. They never treat me like an idiot even if my question is completely outrageous. I’ve been with you for years and will for as long as I have a business!”

Anne – The Nest – Greendale, WI

"The staff at Big Hairy Dog is always very pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable!”

Jason – Ralph Engelstad Arena Sioux Shop – Grand Forks, ND

"I want to thank Ken for all he has done. He is a wonderful, patient teacher. He understands that the person he is working with, has not done this before. It means a lot and is so helpful. Thank you so much!”

Pam – Mercy General Hospital – Sacramento, CA

"We switched POS systems over a year ago, and Big Hairy Dog has been awesome and there for us answering every question. I don’t know if you hear it enough, but you deserve too. I’ve worked with a lot of those (tech) companies and it’s just “restart the computer, that didn’t work?" then I’m on hold for an hour. It’s a breath of fresh air to work with Big Hairy Dog!”

Neil – Cudjoe Sales Fishermen’s Warehouse – Cudjoe Keys, FL

"I want to express how grateful I am for the support I receive from Big Hairy Dog! No matter when I call, no matter the problem, the customer service from the tech department is amazing! They always give me excellent help, which is why I remain a loyal Big Hairy Dog customer. My team and I are very impressed with your support. Thank you for being so amazing!”

Cherri - S.W.A.K. - South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Big Hairy Dog tech support is able to quickly solve all issues. It’s great that they can remote into my computer and they just handle it!”

Samantha – Lizard Thicket 009 – McDonough, GA

"One of my favorite things about Big Hairy Dog is their very friendly support staff!

Greg – Archer Bikes – Oakland, CA

"Todd is always professional and a pleasure to work with!

Deanna- The Secret Place - Amarillo, TX

"Ken is great as always! He stayed up super late to make sure our Retail Pro was up and ready for the next morning after encountering a couple of issues during the re-install.

Liz – Reber Ranch – Kent, WA

"Nick is awesome and super knowledgeable about retail!

Meg – Plump Jack – Olympic Valley, CA

"I enjoy working with Ken, he’s very knowledgeable on what he is doing!

Miguel – Sunsations – Anaheim, CA

"Art was very professional and helpful. He explained everything that was done and gave me directions for future use!

Cory – Tiger Sports Shop – Clemson, SC

"You guys are the best!”

Cynthia - Archangel Gabriel Bookstore – Roseville, CA

"It is nice to be able to talk to the same individuals when I call.”

Katja – Fort Laramie Historical Association – Fort Laramie, WY

"My favorite thing about Big Hairy Dog is Ken, Roberta, Nick, Todd, Sierra & Kevin.”

Becky – Cole Sport – Park City, UT

"The customer service at Big Hairy Dog is always pleasant and accommodating!”

Linda – Friends of Pompeys Pillar – Billings, MT

"I would like to personally thank Big Hairy Dog for the amazing support you guys have given us over the years. Should Cutter & Buck decide to try their hand at a store again, I will be sure to mention you as our POS hardware/software provider.”

Peter - Cutter & Buck - Renton, WA