Emergency Tech Support

We know you are anxious to receive Emergency Technical Support (ETS) for your Retail Pro/Quick Books POS system, but there are some rules you must agree to before we can begin servicing your system. Please read the policies below, then click the “I AGREE” button at the bottom of this page to access the ETS Support Agreement form.

Big Hairy Dog Information Systems is an authorized reseller of Retail Pro/QuickBooks POS.

Retail Pro/Quick Books POS Software is a registered trademark.

We do not pretend to own, develop or make claim to proprietary information concerning Retail Pro/Quick Books POS Software.

Big Hairy Dog Emergency Technical Support service may be provided for any user of Retail Pro Software and QuickBooks POS. It’s not intended to be used by Big Hairy Dog customers, however, they’re welcome.

Big Hairy Dog Information Systems will not seek the transfer of any customer using Big Hairy Dog ETS to Big Hairy Dog Information Systems.

ETS is not meant to be a permanent supplemental program for your existing support services!

There is a one-year time limit on all ETS services beginning from the date of sign up.

The purpose of Big Hairy Dog ETS is to provide technical support to Retail Pro & QuickBooks POS users without interference between Retail Pro/Quick Books POS user and their Retail Pro/Quick Books POS dealer.

Therefore, Big Hairy Dog will not upgrade or train an ETS customer.

Big Hairy Dog is unable to assist non-Big Hairy Dog clients with software licensing issues.

Minimum billing for Big Hairy Dog ETS is $350 an hour, with a minimum of two hours. After hours rate is $525 an hour (Any time outside 6AM-6PM PST Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM PST Saturday, and 9AM-2PM PST Sunday).

Holiday rate is $1,050 an hour. All calls are billable.

It is impossible to know the amount of time it will require to rectify Retail Pro & QuickBooks POS user’s technical support issues. Big Hairy Dog ETS will bill the Retail Pro/Quick Books POS user’s credit card at two-hour increments.

Please fill out the credit card application form, sign it, and fax it back to us at 916-368-1411. Your credit card will be automatically charged on a monthly basis for hours used.

Travel to and from Retail Pro/Quick Books POS customer’s site is billed separately.

Loaner equipment is sent to you as a temporary replacement. You have 30 days to use it at which time you can either purchase it or return it back for credit.

Big Hairy Dog will contact the customer with a courtesy call to find out if you are keeping the loaner equipment or not. If we do not hear back from you, your credit card will be billed for the full amount of the equipment.

Loaner equipment shipping is billed to the customer regardless if the loaner equipment is kept or returned.

Big Hairy Dog Information Systems is not licensed to sell Retail Pro/Quick Books POS to non-Big Hairy Dog customers; however, in order to remedy customer’s technical support issues, Big Hairy Dog Information Systems may sell Retail Pro/Quick Books POS customer peripheral hardware, communication software and/or related tools, drivers and software.

Big Hairy Dog Information Systems is a VAR for QuickBooks POS.

The following is a list of things that are NOT supported by Big Hairy Dog and will not be given ETS support for:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/Home/Vista/64-bit OS’s
  • Worthington Tricorders
  • ICVerify – Barcode Blasters or Blazers
  • Celeron PC’s
  • AMD Durons/Semprons
  • Retail Pro Versions 2-6
  • Custom Programming
  • Wireless/Satellite

Big Hairy Dog Cancellation Policy Regular Hour Cancellations:

Tech Appointment: Customer will be billed for 30 minutes at the regular billable rate upon failure to notify Big Hairy Dog technical support of cancelled appointment 24 hours prior to appointment
After-Hour Cancellations:

Customer will be billed for 1 hour at the regular billable rate upon failure to notify Big Hairy Dog technical support of cancelled appointment.