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In 1993, a young married couple set forth to disrupt a fledgling technology sector known as Point of Sale. Hunkered down in a small office, located in Fair Oaks, CA, Mick & Sandy Malaney identified a severe need for specialized client services to independent retail stores. As technology advanced, the customer was left behind. Fast forward over 3 decades later, Big Hairy Dog is an award-winning help desk providing concierge service to a worldwide retail community.

"We have received nothing but excellent service. We even receive monthly courtesy calls just to see how we're doing."
—Ron Robinson, Inc.

Retail Pro

Easy to use, easy to manage…it will become your secret to success.

Retail Pro Prism is a complete retail management system designed to provide a feature rich point of sale and back office merchandise management with an in-depth reporting and analytics platform.

One of Retail Pro Prism’s strengths is combining these operational areas in a single system that can be used to serve both the small business owner as well as the multi-national retail organization.

PUG Retail

Presenting PUG: Everything you ever dreamed of to keep your retail establishment running like a dream. Point-of-Sale, Inventory Management, Customer Loyalty, a three-dimensional matrix-grid, everything — it’s all packed into one very powerful punch that will launch you into a new & better way of doing business. Work with a system that can function with multiple tabs open at the same time. Use your PO while in an inventory screen, while in a report of data to help make the best possible buying decisions.

POWERFUL MODULES allow you to take full control of your customers’ preferences, their buying history, your existing inventory, managing special sales…the list is as impressive as it is long.

Hardware Solutions

We offer modern hardware by Zebra, Linea Pro, Sled, and Captuvo Sled that work seamlessly with our software. And all of our equipment is backed by our EXCLUSIVE 24-hour Next-day Replacement Warranty.

Quickbooks Financial Solutions

Manage your business and your bottom line from one flexible, efficient platform.

Make organization easy.

Automated data backup and recovery.

Exclusive time saving and money management features.








Late nights, long weekends and exhausted staff laboriously scanning each item for inventory reconciliation is over. RIOT utilizes RFID technology which allows an employee to scan inventory by the square foot, not by each item. Scanning inventory goes from days to minutes with immediate inventory updates. No more quarterly, bi-annual or annual inventories. RIOT’s simplicity and speed accelerates the frequency of taking physical inventories ensuring you more profit and less loss.


In order to offer the best service, we insist on partnering with only the best tech companies.

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Our Customers

Our customers Are The best!

Obviously, controlling the flow of inventory is at the core of managing your retail business. But growing and expanding your business goes beyond inventory management. Point of sale to the backroom to building customer loyalty is only part and parcel to the overall experience of building your brand. And, at end of the day, technology must compliment your work flow, not hinder it. Impossible? Technology enhancing work flow is what Big Hairy Dog does and does it quite well. We identify and integrate technology that improves your business’ performance while providing world class training and ongoing support necessary for you to successfully drive your technology. Need proof? Let our customers share their experiences. Sit back, relax and click away! See you soon.


While we serve many specialty retailers around the world with various needs, one thing is unanimous—they all boast about our pro-active, know-you-on-a-first-name basis, superior customer service.

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Our Story

Why Big Hairy Dog?

“A POS system needs to be smart enough, flexible enough, and adaptable enough to stay one step ahead of customer demands, aggressive competitors, and the market itself.”

— Mick & Sandy Malaney

The fast-moving world of retail technology is changing every single day. More and more, store owners are turning to technology partners for help.

Enter Big Hairy Dog.

For more than three decades from its founding, Big Hairy Dog is the technology partner for thousands of stores worldwide. Brick-and-mortar to ecommerce to mobile, this Dog runs full speed to meet a store owner’s demands.

However, it’s long after the technology is installed that Big Hairy Dog earns its bones. It’s simple: Day in, day out for over thirty years personifies commitment. Retail evolves, technology changes, staff transitions but Big Hairy Dog remains faithful to the store owner’s vision.

Outlasting the competition proves many things, but at Big Hairy Dog nothing is taken for granted. It’s why founders Mick and Sandy Malaney insist on being available to you 24/7, including holidays. It’s one thing to proclaim award-winning customer relations, it’s quite another to make available personal phone numbers. Call them any time, for any reason.

Mick Malaney President & Co-Founder
Cell Phone: (916) 803-3939

Sandy Malaney CEO & Co-Founder
Cell Phone: (916) 802-3939

Sandy Malaney CEO & Co-Founder
Mick Malaney Co-Founder & President
Todd King VIP Division Manager | Senior Software Technician
Cynthia Paez CFO
Jeff Kenshol Reports Ninja
Art Benoit Senior Technician
Felicia Casper Princess
Ken French Senior Technician

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Are you interested in helping hard-working specialty retailers around the world not only grow and expand but keep their businesses running smoothly? Do you embody the customer service values that differentiate us from the rest of the pack? If so, we invite you to explore our career opportunities.