Mick Malaney

Mick Malaney’s story is a cliché…actually, quite a few clichés.

“Dreams do come true”: Upon graduating from college, Malaney worked in the sales department of a startup point of sale company. Today, that company is known worldwide as Retail Pro Incorporated.

“Luck of the Irish”: Malaney was mentored by Founder of Retail Pro Software, Michael Mauerer. By 1990, Malaney assisted Mauerer in the expansion of the fledgling Retail Pro dealer network.

“Careful what you wish for”: As the network grew, Retail Pro Incorporated exited direct sales, concentrating solely on software development.

“Can’t beat’em, join’em”: In 1993, Mauerer offered Mick and his wife Sandy, who had joined Retail Pro, an opportunity to become part of the Retail Pro dealer network. The Malaney’s never looked back.

“It’s personal”: Over 25 years later, the Malaney’s personal cell phone numbers are still listed on their company’s website.

“Road to success”: Mick says at the end of the day, Big Hairy Dog customers demand concierge service. Big Hairy Dog delivers it. Period.