To change the program in a Worthington Data Solutions Tricoder, a portable barcode reader, the data files must be blank. 1. Turn the unit on – ‘Data Collection?’ Answer to all of the questions until ‘Programming Mode?’ 2. Answer to ‘Programming Mode?’ 3. To enter the password, press the key, then type in WDTRI. This is the normal password from Addcash. If their password has been altered, they will need to get that password. 4. ‘Program number?’ Enter 1. 5. ‘Edit program 1 key?’ 6. Press enter until ‘Maximum Data?’ appears. Enter <6>. 7. For ‘Minimum Data?’ enter <5>. 8. Press until ‘Data Collection?’ appears on the screen. To delete data files Data collection Data upload erase data sure To Set the Worthington Tricorder up in Rpro Set it up as if it is a Telxon 610, that is the emulation they use.