Their Problem came back after I removed the driver and reloaded it. it appeared that was the Fix but it was not. But I had another cleint call with an almost Identical Problem skipping the first two items on a voucher when printing tags. it prints blanks like it printed them and starts printing SKU #3. I was able to figure it out it was AVG V9. we found that AVG V8x works. the V9x has the problem. There are two fixes that work right now. Turn off the RESIDENT shield, adding RPRO to the exclusion list does not work. but turning off the resident shield may leave them vulnerable to viruses. The safer option that Both cleints went with that works, is enable preview, once it previews then choose print from there and it prints all tags that were queued.

I think the problem with that the real time scan is scanning the print job and taking to long so it never prints the first two tags. once the tag is complete (about tag #3 it works)