Problems with VNC not refreshing when dialed into a client?

(These steps need to be completed on the CLIENT’S computer)

Version 3.3.7:

Right-click the VNC server icon in the system tray and select Properties. In the Update Handling section the following should be checked:

Poll Full Screen
Poll Foreground Window
Poll Window Under Cursor

Uncheck the following:

Poll Console Windows Only
Poll On Event Received Only

Version 4.0:

Right-click icon and select Options. On the Hooks tab make sure all 3 boxes are checked.

Version 4.11:

Right-click icon and select Options. On the Capture Method Tab:

Select the option Use VNC Hooks To Track Changes
Poll Console Windows For Updates and Capture Alpha Blended Windows shold be checked.

With all 3 versions I’ve found that these configs keep me from having to move the mouse around to redraw the screen or doing a Request Screen Refresh.