When the main computer or server took the windows updates it rebooted the server. Since when you install a V9 client it also installs the license server service as soon as the oracle database came up all clients tried to connect their license server service to the oracle database. If any of the client license server services connected to the database before the main computers license service started up the license server on the main computer would crash as it’s already showing a connection for licensing. The fix is easy, if you go into logs usually r:retailpro9logs look a the license server log. It will tell you which client is keeping you from connecting. Go to that machine and stop the service, I would advise setting it to manual, then start the service on the main system. Give it a minute to fully connect. then it will work fine. I usually go into the service manager and just make sure it connects. I have already submitted over to RPI as a bug as this should never happen.