V:retail pro9_seriesToolsExcel Plugin to Merge Tabs is a plugin for Office that helps merge into one XLSX file.

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Hi Colt,

I have something that will provide additional value to assist with merging the sheets into one sheet instead of trying to copy and paste multiple 65k row sheets into one. I am providing you with an Excel Add-In that provides sheet merging that can be easily installed by the customers on the machine that’s running Excel 2007 or higher. Please find attached the Excel Add-In file ( RproExcelAddIn.xls) and here is the details for installing and using it:

Installing the Add-In on Excel 2010:

1) Goto File->Options and you will be presented with the Excel Options dialog.

2) Select Add-Ins from the left pane. On the right pane, select Manage = “Excel Add-Ins” and click “Go…”.

3) Click Browse and select our new Excel Add-In file. Make sure to check it on. Click OK to close the dialog. You will notice that the Add-Ins menu at the top now be displaying.

4) Click Add-Ins, you will see a new menu item “RetailPro Helper”. Click it and you will see “Merge All Sheets into New Workbook”.

NOTE: This Add-In won’t install or work on Excel 2003 or any lower versions.

How it works: After exporting the data into Excel the Crystal Report engine opens our file in Excel. Once the file is open you can select the option (“Merge All Sheets into New Workbook”) to merge all the sheets into one sheet in new workbook.