How do I disable V.92?

Note: We recommend that you not disable the V.92 features of your modem. If your ISP does not support V.92, your modem will automatically negotiate a V.90 connection. In the event that you still want to disable all or some of the features of V.92, follow the procedures below.


To disable V.92, you must disable the following features:

Modem on Hold
Quick Connect
V.PCM Upstream
The default value for each of these commands is zero, and resetting the modem will restore the default settings.

To disable Modem on Hold:
In the Terminal window, type AT+PMH=1 and press ENTER.

Note: To completely disable call waiting tones from interrupting your online session, the preferred method is to include *70 in your dial string.

To disable Quick Connect:
In the Terminal window, type AT+PQC=3 and press ENTER.

To disable V.PCM Upstream:
In the Terminal window, type AT+PIG=1 and press ENTER.

To disable all three V.92 features at once:
In the Terminal window, type AT+PIG=1+PMH=1+PQC=3 and press ENTER.

Note: Windows TAPI programs will read the change from Extra Settings. If you use Windows TAPI to disable any of the V.92 features, the AT prefix is not needed before entering the command. For non-Windows TAPI programs, you may have to modify the program’s modem init string.