Steps to Safely Cleanup and Remove old USB Drivers on your PC or if your USB device is not working properly
I used this to fix Barcode readers, MSR’s and Flash Drives

1. Unplug your USB storage devices: USB Disks, flash, cams, CD/DVD, etc.
==> Other USB devices like keyboards, mice and LAN adapters can stay plugged in
2. Determine if the computer is 32 or 64 bit, Run MSINFO32 from command line in the system summary the system type will be x86 or x64
3. Download, ( unzip and save to your desktop. Move the 32 or 64 bit version of DriveCleanup.exe to C:WindowsSystem32
4. Open a command prompt window as follows:
==> For XP only: You must have Admin privileges. Click Start->Run, enter cmd
==> For Vista and Windows 7: You must open an elevated command prompt window!
5. After the command prompt enter: drivecleanup.exe
==> If, instead, you get an error message like Command not recognized it means you didn’t move Drivecleanup.exe to the right directory
6. Now just replug your devices for fresh clean device reinstalls! Windows should reinstall the device.

Program will only remove those items that are not connected to the PC

Also Located on “T:UTILITYUSB”