this is the second time I have seen this in 2 days and I bet it is more prevalant than we think. Both Western Ranch and first settlement called in about tags not scanning product correctly. both customers were making up their own UPC codes, by either scanning the RPRO tag number into the UPC field or generating their own numbers off a combo of reorder number and rpro SKU. A UPC is a 13 digit barcode where the 13th digit represents a calculation on the other 12 numbers. if a customer creates their own UPC that is 12 digits long, IE 123456789123 the number will be shown 0123456789123 in the UPC field. if you print a UPC barcode and scan the UPC in dos it will read 0123456789128. the last digit is different 8 on the tag 3 in the RPRO UPC field, then they cant find the item or worse it brings up a different item.

one more example to try for your self this happend this morning with first settlement on the phone and with this new UPC info I was able to trouble shoot. type the following RPRO item #s in two different line item UPC fields
you get duplicate UPC numbers becasue the calculation creates the same number.
this is why customers can not make ip thier own UPCs. see me if you have any other questions. in answer book under UPC TAG PROBLEMS