UniteU announces the launch of their online support site at support.uniteu.net. By registering at this site, customers will be able to submit support requests, view previously submitted support issues, access an ever growing knowledge base, and view online documentation.

Registration is easy. Upon visiting support.uniteu.net the first time, you will be prompted with a login screen with the option to register. Please fill out the form provided and submit. On subsequent visits, you will login with the user name and password that you created.

Once within the site, to submit a new support issue, follow the links to Submit Issues and provide us with brief summary of the problem or request you have followed by more detailed description in the description box. You may also assign an urgency to the issue. While we attempt to resolve all support issues as quickly as possible, UniteU uses the following guidelines when evaluating the priority of support requests:

Response Time
Response Window

0-4 Hours*
24 Hours/Day*
*An issue that needs immediate attention because it results in a site being down or website transaction ability to be halted

0-8 Hours
M-F 8am-8pm ET
An issue that needs prompt attention due to its effect on backend site operations, but that does not result in an inability to complete website transactions

0-24 Hours
M-F 8am-8pm ET
An issue that needs prompt attention and may delay an online date, but is not affecting basic transaction ability on the site.

0-48 Hours
M-F 8am-8pm ET
An issue that involves cosmetic or design changes to optimize site functioning and performance, but that does not impede it.


An issue that has raised concerns but that does not require attention at this time

Very Low

An informational issue that UniteU should be aware of but that requires no intervention on anyone’s behalf

**** If your site is DOWN and web transactions are HALTED, please call 877-486-4838 ext 6 for immediate support

Once you submit your request, an issue number will be assigned. It is important that you refer to that issue number in all correspondence with UniteU as we attempt to resolve the issue, so that progress can be tracked and you receive updates as necessary. You can also lookup previously submitted issues at support.uniteu.net to see status updates and that number will serve as a handy point of reference.

You will receive email notification when the issue has been “closed.” If you feel the issue was not resolved to your satisfaction, please email support@uniteu.com.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank you for allowing UniteU to SupportU!

Best Regards,



Jacqueline K. Segura

Technical Services Manager