Symptom: When try to login to Retail Pro, system returns message “Unable to seat workstation: maximum number of seat exceeded”.

Cause: Licensing restricts the number of RPRO9.exe connection based on the number of seat allocated to the station. Sometime when Retail Pro is not closed properly (end process RPRO9.exe in task manager is one common example), the system will think workstation(s) is still connected to the database.

Resolution: In Techtoolkit > Managing Schema Objects > SQL Shell, select either workstation table or workstation_v view. Look for records that has the field TIME_IN populated. If there are many entries in the table, execute the following query:

select ws_id, workstation, time_in from workstation where time_in is not null

If the query returns a number of records equal to the number of seat allocated to the station, a new RPRO9.exe connection will not be allowed and the system will return the warning message. You will need to identify and note which workstation and ws_id is not currently running Retail Pro. Issue the following queries to clear the offending record (replace the # with the actual ws_id number from the previous query):

update workstation set time_in=null where ws_id=#

This should allow Retail Pro to be launched successfully.