My Computer -> Properties:
· Network Identification Tab: Properties button -> Enter WSx (x = RPro W/S #) for Computer Name and POS for Workgroup
· Hardware Tab: Hardware Wizard -> Next -> Add/Troubleshoot -> Add a new device -> No -> Ports -> Printer Port -> Highlight I/O Range and click Change Settings. Select 0278 – 027A -> OK.
· Advanced Tab: Performance Button -> Change -> Set Initial size = Max size -> Set -> OK
· Advanced Tab: Environment Variables Button -> Highlight Path -> Edit -> Add ;R:Retailx;R:RetailxRpro (x = Pro series)
-Advanced enviroment variables>system variables-> add 2 new variables variable name RPRONET value msnet
add the next one variable name: RPROWS VALUE: (worstation number) IE:1
· Advanced Tab: Startup & Recovery Button -> Change Display List to 5 seconds -> Deselect Automatic reboot.

My Computer -> Manage
· Disk Management -> Check for 3 healthy partitions: C:=3GB FAT32, D:=1GB FAT32, Q:=NTFS
· Users: Set password for Administrator to help.
· Users: Add users in blocks of 5: WSx (x=W/S #) No password, Uncheck User must change…, Check User cannot change… & Password never expires.
· Groups: Add all WSx users to Administrators group.

C:WINNT_default.PIF Properties
· Memory Tab: Set all Memory options to Auto except for Initial Environment, which should be 4096.
· Screen Tab: Set to Full Screen and uncheck Dynamic Memory Allocation.
· Misc Tab: Uncheck Allow Screen Saver, set idle sensitivity to lowest & uncheck all Windows Shortcuts except Alt-Tab & Alt-Enter

· Add to the end the two lines FILES=200 and BUFFERS=16.

Edit C:WINNTSYSTEM32autoexec.nt
add to new lines at the bottom. each on thier own line.
set rpronet=msnet
set RPROWS=x (where x is the ws number)

My Network Places Properties (LAN Connection Properties)
· Deselect NetBEUI and select TCP/IP.
· TCP/IP Properties -> IP Address = (xx = W/S # in 2-digit form), Subnet mask =
· Configure NIC -> Advanced Tab, Set Connection type to 100BaseTx Full Duplex

Control Panel -> Users & Groups
· Uncheck Users Must Enter…, highlight user WSx (x = W/S #), check Users Must Enter…, Click Apply, then click OK (Password is blank)

Install NetWare Client32 with a custom install, uncheck Distributed Print Services (if needed).
Reboot. Should auto-login as WSx

· CTRL-F (Find) -> Enter lpt_ -> Replace the default value (15) with 1.
· F3 (Find again) -> Replace default value with 1
· CTRL-F -> autorun -> Replace default value (1) with 0.
· F3, F3, F3 (Find again three times) -> Replace default value with 0.

Display Properties (Right click desktop -> Properties)
· Screen Saver Tab: Power Button -> Set Turn Off Monitor to Never
· Click Save -> Click OK

Rename My Computer to My Computer WSx (x = W/S #)

Delete icons for Connect To The Internet, Internet Explorer and My Documents