Troubleshooting Captuvo Problems

* Scanner and MSR are not Responsive
If the Captuvo scanner and MSR aren’t working, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:
1. Remove and re-insert the iOS device into the Captuvo.
2. Restart the iOS device in the Captuvo.
3. Remove and reset the iOS device, then re-insert into the Captuvo.

You can download the Honeywell Price Check app from the Apple Store to test it independently of Retail Mobile POS. I prefer to use the older version of this app by Dryrain Technologies, which you can find by searching for “dryrain”. The newer version of the Price Check app from Honeywell uses a newer SDK that may not work well with older Gen 4 versions of Captuvos.

The current version of the firmware for the iPod 4 gen compatible Captuvo is 1.6. You can download this update from

The current version of the firmware for the iPod and iPhone 5 gen compatible version is 45.08. You can download this update from

Instructions are included in the zip.

* EasyDL is not Working
When enabled, EasyDL lets you scan a 2-D driver’s license barcode at the Customer Search screen to both search and create customers. Note that the EasyDL license requires a separate license not provided by FoundryLogic.
Contact your Captuvo reseller for details. When ordering, you must provide the D/B Serial Number located inside the battery compartment of the Captuvo.
Make sure you provide the “D/B Serial Number”, not the Serial Number which is right above it.