In order to get this working, you need to install the driver so that it sets up TWO printers – the TM-H6000II Reciept printer, and the TM-H6000II slip printer. Once that is done, go into the preferences of the reciept printer, and choose the paper source of “Report(Cut)” so that the reciept cuts, and choose the paper size of “80 x 3276 mm”. This is done in two areas, the printing preferences button on the general tab, and the printing defaults under the advanced tab.

The slip printers defaults work fine with RPRO version 8.4.

Once in RPRO, go to workstation Prefs. Inside there, choose the reciept printer for all reciepts like normal, but do NOT check the “override” check box. Scroll down the list till you get to “Rcpt Check Franking”, and choose the reciept printer AND the slip printer to print on this type of reciept.

Next, still in workstation prefs, go to the Documents section on the left, and put a check in the box next to “Checks” under the heading of “Document Franking in Receipts and SO’s”.