When I setup terminal services if we have polling and the schedule on the server the scheduler shortcut needs to be in the administrator log on ONLY not the default RPRO place it puts it all users. the administrator should stay logged in at the console session (from the keyboard not from a remote session)
if the all users scheduler is setup when each users logs in it will run the same schedule over again and casue 2 exchanges to crash, 2 procs to run etc…

each subsiquent user needs to have thier own profile, IE paul werner ken log ins. each RPRO shortcut needs to be customized for each user the ALL USERS desktop ICON will casue them to lock eachother out and the “RPROWS” tweak belongs in the user variables not in the system variables.

so polling is on the console session and their should be NO all users ICONS for anything.

This is a breif explanation of how it is setup just so everyone knows what I am doing with TS setups for clients.

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