If tape is stuck in 30GB DP-30 external Onstream tape drive (Echo Software) –

1st, reboot the system and turn off, then back on the tape drive – then:

Taken from OnStream Tech Support Page/ Knowledge Base
To remove a tape cartidge that is stuck in an ADR model drive, follow the instructions below:

Tape Cartridge Emergency Eject Procedure

You must shut down your system and make sure your OnStream drive is powered off BEFORE starting this procedure.

To remove a 50 GB Tape Cartridge:

1. Straighten a large paper clip.
2. Using a piece of tape, gently pull open the cartridge door.
3. Locate the two small holes below the cartridge door opening.
4. Insert the straightened paper clip into the right-hand hole.
5. Gently probe the hole, pointing the clip slightly downward and to the left.
6. About a half-inch into the hole, you should feel the clip hit an obstruction.
7. With the clip pressing against this obstruction, apply a short firm push on it.
8. The 50 GB cartridge should move outward so that it protrudes by about a quarter-inch.
9. If you can grasp the cartridge, pull it straight out of the drive.
10. If you cannot grasp the cartridge, push the cartridge firmly back in, and then repeat this procedure.
To remove a 30 GB Tape Cartridge:
Follow steps 1 through 7 as above.
8. The 30 GB cartridge should move slightly outward about a half-inch towards the door opening (but will still be inside the drive).
9. Bend one end of the paper clip 90 degrees to form a small hook.
10. Using the left or right door hinge as a guide, insert the paper clip straight back about 2 inches until the hook reaches the cartridge.
11. Catch the hook under the bottom corner of the cartridge (left or right as appropriate) and gently pull the cartridge straight out.

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