this if for the new guys, if you have tags that skip there are a few things to check.

0) disable AVG if not skipping, but printing blanks tags. i.e. copies = 100 and it prints 1, then 9 blanks, then 90 good tags.

1)driver are they using the seagull driver?

2)is the paper size on the driver set correctly?

3) In WS prefs is the correct printer set? does each printer setup have the proper paper size set, this is very important or it will not print correctly.

4) does the printer dump correclty? are their print jobs stuck in the printer casuing the dump no to work. Clear the Queue unplug the printer cable from the PC and then dump the printer with nothing but power plugged in.

5) check the tag design, are there items on the tag that are “hanging off” the tag? if your paper size is 2.25x.50 then the tag design should be no larger than that and everthing MUST fit inside thoes parameters.

5)Still not working reload the firmware, located on the TECHDL site. IMPORTANT make sure printer has no jobs stuck in it and has been dumped prior to firmware. a bad firmware install can kill a printer.