I was working with a client and they were using the Systech IPG gateway device, their Internet went down and they had to run CC through the systech using dial up. However, they required to dial a 9 to get to an outside line. We modifed the PPMSRVR.INI to include a “9,” in front of each phone number, however, when internet came back on, the systech was unable to process CC through the internet, it kept trying to dial up as a modem.

The fix: You have get into the configuration site for the systech, either by going to its IP address or Host name (i.e. IPG7501-0D2D23) then clicking on “Phone number Translation” modify the phone numbers in here to include the “9,” as well, to match the PPMSRVR.INI, and SAVE the settings. Restart RPRO and PPM Server, then test.