Can you confirm that the proper Rpro8.exe is being used to log in? Ensure that it’s an 8.60 version, not an 8.52. If you happen to be using a shortcut, ensure that it is pointing to the correct file as well. Another possible step to take, is to rename the rpro.dll file in the Rpro directory to recreate a fresh dll from the licensing and then attempt to log in. It has also been known to do the following steps if none of the previous steps are resolving the issue.

– Update the license;
– Enter RPro, it shows the message on the attach;
– Change the date on the system to the last day of this year;
– RPro shows a message informing a new date is inputed on the system;
– Change the date on the system for today;
– Close Rpro;
– Open Rpro again and the message gone.

Confirm the path is correct; check terminal services to see if an RDP session X’ed out and didn’t logoff. Rename the DLL, and you may need to run RPRODB to remove the locks.