[(Paul Jones) — 04/08/2008 08:56:00 AM] Shift 4 Record number generation is how shift 4 dollars on the net identifies each transaction as unique. Each ball park is setup with Shift 4 EFT files localized for better fault tollerance. since the connection to the shift 4 server is IP based there is no reason to point to the RPRO server on the network. The record number generation is based upon STORE STATION CONNECTIONS to a file. if store 001a connects it gets connection number 000 since it is the first connection, if 015f connects second it gets 001 and so on. the problem here is with configurations localized each CONNECTION is always the same 000 then the sequence number is duplicated as demonstrated in a bridged out file I sent KASE where almost all record numbers are duplicated MULTIPLE TIMES. the CRITICAL ISSUE occours when a cleint uses their card a second time at the event and they get the same record number the two sales are merged as demonstrated in the PDF file sent to KASE. THe example was 1 sale 33880 for aprox $30 was rung in the morning second sale for same card was rung in the afternoon 24191 for aprox $94. In RPRO everything appears correct, but in Shift 4 dollars on the net the two sales were merged for a TOTAL of $94 so the two charges were $30 and $64. This occoured becasue they had the same last 4 numbers and the same REC# so dollars on the net merged them into 1 sale. This is happening at multiple locations, the algorithim must be changed to handle ANY configuration, networked or standalone. Delaware North is one of Retail Pros biggest customers and they are all moving to shift 4 from PPM. This must be fixed so they can run in the most fault tollerant enviroment local EFT files. This is one of the main reasons they went to shift 4. They are loosing Thousands of dollars per EVENT. THIS IS A CRITICAL ISSUE!

The fix for this is that EVERY location needs to point to a central shift 4 directory and then the connection numbers are incremented correctly.