Below are the instructions and parameters for Building Totals in V8:
Program name=SRO.exe
Parameter Example: /SA:ALL /RC:YTD /OO:01/01/2001-02/02/2001

In this example we want to recalculate:
1. ALL sales
2. Year to day receiving
3. Orders for date range 01/01/2001-02/02/2001
4. Make sure the dates are not set to undefined in the windows SRO program, by opening SRO manualy and checking dates, the scheduled task may have trouble passing the date range to SRO if the dates are undefined.

If you do not include one of parameters, SRO will not recalculate appropriate values, i.e. they are will be blank.

Available active date switches (example for On Order):

/OO:DAYS1-2 – 1 day starting 2 days ago

/OO:WEEKS1-2 – 1 week starting 2 weeks ago

/OO:MONTHS1-2 – 1 month starting 2 months ago

/OO:Today – today

/OO:Yesterday – yesterday

/OO:WTD – week to day

/OO:MTD – mnth to day

/OO:YTD – year to day

/OO:LY_WTD – last year to day

/OO:LY_MTD – last year month to day

/OO:LY_YTD – last year year to day

/OO:ALL – all documents
A “Fixed Date Range” can be included by entry of an empty date placeholder –/–/—-
/OO:–/–/—–02/02/2001 = all documents with dates up to 02/02/2001
/OO:02/02/2001—/–/—- = all documents with dates from 02/02/2001

To use ship date instead of order date, you have to use /SHIPDATE as a swicth afterthe OO parameters.