when a customer rings the sale under the wrong day, you can use multiple steps in dvs and fix…

1) find the record #’s for the sales rang in the wrong month
2) make a copy of the sales file before editing anything out.
3) cut everything EXCEPT the sales that were on the wrong date out using DVS
4) reconstruct this new sales file, then copy it to another place on the hard drive (copy the index as well)
5) place the original sales file back in, and cut out the sales on the wrong date. now that month is correct and does not have the extra sales in it.
6) merge the sales that you cut out with the correct month. then reconstruct. reconstruct will take all those sales that say they are a different month, and automatically change the month and year to be that of the sales file. if the day of the month is off, you will be able to edit each of those dates to correct.

like i said, it has several steps, but is much cleaner that turning off ppm, reversing all the receipts and re-ringing. is also a lot faster. only downside, they have to be down while doing this