Date: 01/MAY/1997 ———————————————————————- AREA: Environmnt REF#: SUB AREA: Novell VERSION: DESC: Error 9903 SOLUTION FILE: ENVProblem: Error 9903 when running RPRO. Solution(s): ======================================================================
Cause 1: Insufficient access rights. The user logged in does not have access rights to needed RPR directorys. Test by logging in with supervisor rights. ======================================================================
Cause 2: Incorrect paths defined in RPRO Setup. Select SETUP> WORKSTATION> OPTIONS> DIRECTORIES and make cer that all paths are correct. ======================================================================
Cause 3: Corrupt WSSETUP.DAT. Test by renaming the file and using SETUP> COMPANY> to creat new file. ======================================================================
Cause 4: Files held open Test by deleting SEMAPHOR.DAT and *.DIA; if sharing violation encountered, power down ALL ws, wait about three minutes, then power up one workstation only, try to delete once the shared file(s) again.