First thing to check in RPRO8 installs is check the shortcut to RPRO8.exe

Windows has a feature that if the shortcut is mapped to R;retail8RPRO8.EXE and that path is not valid (network drop etc..) then windows will go searching for the EXE.

BHD installs the RPRO8 install CD on to the HD, so when windows goes searching it finds RPRO in the d:installs8.40retail

This causes RPRO to run from a old (non current) version of RPRO8.exe.

If it is pointing to A local RPRO8.exe. delte the shortcut. find out what WS number it is, (IE ws5) go into the servers install of rpro (r:retail8rpro) find the WS5 folder delte the noshortcut.dat
then double click on the RPRO8.EXE it will prompt you to create a new shortcut. choose dont ask again, and say yes. It will create a shortcut to the Patched RPRO8.exe on the server.