Credit Card
Action Code Description
1 Sale
2 Credit
3 Void Sale
4 Pre-Authorization
5 Post-Authorization
6 Void Credit
7 Void Post-Authorization
8 Commercial Card Sale
9 Commercial Card Credit
10 Commercial Card Post-Authorization
11 Pre-Authorization Return Note: Only available for processor NBS
13 Gratuity (finalizes or modifies a Restaurant Sale)
14 Sale with Gratuity
15 Book
17 Void Ship
P1 Pre-Paid Credit Card Balance Inquiry Note: Only available for processor Elavon (NOVA)
Pre-Paid Credit Card Authorization Reversal Note: Only available for processor Elavon
P3* Credit Application – Citi© Private Label Only
P4* Account Lookup – Citi© Private Label Only
P5* Counter Offer – Citi© Private Label Only
Note: Follows a P3 when the result is OFFER.
* These Action Codes are available as of PCCharge version 5.8. They are the result of the new Citi©
Credit Plan functionality. Note: See Citi Credit Plan on page 101 for examples.