To: Tech Group
Subject: Dave ‘didge’ Masser-Frye Rpro Palm Interface bug and workaround

Hey Folks,

I’m alerting BPs that I have workaround now for a recent maintenance pack release (.482MP) of Retail Pro v9 that introduced a new bug their Palm interface. Please share with your team as necessary.

The bug affects workstations other than 1 and can be identified by pressing the Upload Items button and quickly looking in the c:RetalPro9PalmXX directory, where XX is the workstation number. The directory will contain a file called WSXX001.NAM, but not WSXX001.req. If you then check the c:RetalPro9Palm1, you will find the file WS01001.req, even though the actual workstation number is not 1.

I have a new release, 3.3.68, that provides a workaround. Please download from The workaround is activated by putting a ‘-‘ in front of the workstation number in Retail Mobile Manager. E.g., after updating, change the workstation number from 5 to -5 and connect.

When activated, the workaround will check for all files of the form WSXX001.req in any subdirectory of the Palm directory. When such a file is found, RMM will write the response file to the expected subdirectory using the expected workstation number.

The downside of this workaround is that if the Rpro Palm directory is on a shared drive used by multiple workstations running RMM, then all workstations using the workaround will display the Session Chooser whenever any workstation uploads items. This shouldn’t be a problem though if there is only one workstation running RMM, even if from a shared drive.

If this bug does not sound like it applies to you, try the update and workaround anyway and let me know.

To update:

1. Stop Retail Mobile Services and exit Retail Mobile Manager.

2. Download and install Retail Mobile Service and Retail Mobile Manager

using the link above.

Thanks as always for your support, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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