Here is the deal.

When you make a backup via the techtoolkit and want to restore via the techtoolkit to another install, the 2 versions have to be on the same build.

Now, the backup file that is created in the Backup module in the techtoolkit, is a zip file. To restore it, you need to unzip the file to another directory wherever you want.

Then you run the restore( recover) from the techtoolkit and point to that folder and to the drive that your version 9 is installed on.

After the recovery has run, you have to run the same maintenance pack again. If not, you will not be able to get into Retail Pro.

After you run the MP install, you have to rebuild the control files and you do that by going to a DOS prompt and then from the Retailpro9 folder, run this parameter:

techtoolkit /m:rcf

that will rebuild the control files. Once that is done, you can get out of Retail Pro and go back in as normal.

May the force be with us all.
Also…if you go to launch the toolkit and the message that no security appears, you must copy a DBSEC.dat file from the root of a fresh install (or on fasttrack ftp site) into the backup install.

Additionally, if the path from the backup that you’re restoring is different, created a new file DB.INI in the root of the install and enter the data:


Then open toolkit and have the control file rebuilt.