At times it may be necessary to reconstruct a group of history files within Retail Pro. In the past this has required that you reconstruct the files one by one. This was very time consuming and required that a person be there to specify which file to reconstruct.

With the release of 7.51 a feature has bee/list:n added to the reconstruct tool that will allow a user/dealer to create a text file, RECONST.TXT, containing a list of history files to reconstruct. This file will be used by reconstruct and then renamed to RECONST.SAV so that it is not used inadvertently the next time reconstruct is run. Below you will see an
example of how to enter the list of files in the text file.


At this time this feature can only be used to reconstruct history documents,
Sales, Vouchers, Slips, and Memos. In addition, this feature is still
dependent on the tolerances and intolerances of reconstruct. If you have any
questions on this feature contact RTI Support at +1(916) 481-2790 or via
email at

Also to do this most effeciently you should go to dos and go into the rpro directory and then
for NT type dir /b sa*.dat tr*.dat rc*.dat me*.dat > reconst.txt

for WIN95/98 you must do a
dir /b sa*.dat >reconst.txt
dir /b tr*.dat > reconst1.txt
and so on for each of the files then from word pad cut and past to do one list