Vouchers- until new release don’t make consecutive vouchers. After updating the voucher press escape, click puchasing, click voucher. This clears the memory, otherwise additional items automatically add to the voucher.

POS- For checks and gift certificates do not enter symbols only numbers.

Labels- If they are printing off, this is a free tech call to adjust the margins on the printer.
ext. 17403 tech support

SPEED- There are speed issues and workarounds.

Store Credit- Works like an inhouse charge account. Won’t work without Quickbooks accounting.

Premier vs Pro- Premier has many more bells and whisles and 100 additional reports and remote access.

Adding additional credit cards- a. credit card setup
*get phone numbers from Wells Fargo Merchant service for other credit card companies.
*get approval number from the other cc companies you want to use
*call Wells fargo merchant service and give them the numbers.

Printing Receipts-

*always set to 1 or always set to print 2
* no settings for printing 2 receipts for credit card transactions only
*must print additional receipt