To re-import an existing Zone and delete the original Zone:

1. Print the zone to the screen using the BHD Zone Report (Design)
2. Export to notepad
3. Open excel and open the file to prompt the Import Wizard,
4. Select Fixed Width, TEXT!!
5. make sure the Qty field and the import ID are lined up in a column
6. Insert a column at column A
7. key the Zone number into it and copy down
8. Delete everything except the Qty and the import ID
9. Format the Import ID to 20 Characters: If import ID was in A1, in B1 type: =REPT(0,20-LEN(A1))&A1
10. Copy the new column and PASTE SPECIAL > VALUES
11. Repeat above for the Qty field – but set it to 4 characters
12. copy the data in this order: Zone ID (4), Import ID (20). Qty(4)
13. use Concatenate to join all three fields =Concatenate(A1,B1,C1)
14. Copy the formula down
15. Copy the new column and Paste Special > Values
16. Delete all but the newest complete data column
17. Save as text file
18. Make sure that you have a standard RGIS import map for Retail Pro PI
19. Open a new zone and browse the file and import.
20. Delete the original zone.