ok ran into this with Jacks Surfboards and worked with RTI on this. It was caused by a corrupt database. To find that out you hve to add /UI to the shortcut to see the error. There is a way to repair the database and it’s below adn in answerbook

Next we walked through the steps to repair the Data base.
1. Close PCCharge and make sure it is not in the task tray.
2. navigate to the PCCharge directory and launch the visdata.exe
3. a window will pop up asking to ‘add system.md?’ click the NO button.
4. You will get a large grey screen. At the top go to File>RepairMDB
5. Choose the pccw.mdb and click OK.
6. a window will pop up asking open Repaired database? Click the NO button.
7. Go back to File>compact MDB>Compact 2.0 MDB…
8. in the box that comes up double click the pccw.mdb file. It will flash and you will have the same box open again. Double click the pccw.mdb file again.
9. a box will pop up asking Do you want to overwrite? Click the YES button.
10. Next another box will pop up asking Encrypt Compacted Database? YOU MUST CLICK NO! VERY IMPORTANT!!!
11. A window will pop up asking Open Newly Compacted Database? Click the NO button.
12. Close the VISDATA program.
13. Start PCCharge and make sure it comes up.
14. Run the reports to assure the data is clean with no 0’s square black blocks.