RTI and Verifone says that the following settings should be DEFAULT for all PCCHARGE installs SOME SETTINGS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL PROCESSORS But Verify that they are set if Available:

In PCCHARGE under setup> ADDRESS VERIFY accept transaction when… ALL BOXES SHOULD BE CHECKED

Under Setup>Card Verification>accept transaction when… ALL BOXES SHOULD BE CHECKED

And Under SETUP>CREDIT CARD COMPANY>EXTENDED> ENABLE COMMERCIAL CARDS needs to be checked. ALso some processors REQUIRE the merch TAX ID they will need this info.

FIX #2
In some situations the processor may not be certified to process level 2 cards. Tulocay called in and thier processor was hartland, the enable commercial card field was checked but greyed out like we couldnt check it. all the above tweaks were set correclty, and still got invalid action. Spoke to verifone and thier level 2 support said that Harland is not certified to process level 2 cards, spoke to RTI and this was a known issuse and fixed in in a late 08 HF. there is a new system pref PERFORM LEVEL 2 PROCESSING WHEN SUPPORTED. uncheck this for processors who are not certified for level 2 cards and it will fix it.