I have spoke to Verifone level 2 suppport and found that the first tech gave me some mis-information. I appologize for passing that on. It appears that the tech gave me a mixture of truth and wrong info. here is the real deal. I have put thier CERTIFICATION MATRIX on the T:dataEFTPCCHARGEPCCHARGECERTMATRIX.PDF

this shows what processors offer what services, Dail up, Internet based. Aparently what the the tech told me was backwards. according to the document Every Processor on the list offers phone line dail up connections and is certified. NOT all processors on the list is certififed for interent based or TCP/IP connections. (see the document for break out by processor.)

this is where the half truths start comming through. although they dont have any documentation on it, they do have an internal hand written list that they could not provide me that some procesors have Dailup and TCP/IP connectivity but do not allow for Phone line backup with TCP/IP. they said they could read me that list and it is as follows.
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