I spoke with RTI they have seen this issue we talked with verifone and here is the problem. the PCcharge software is out of SYNC with paymentech. if you see this error go to BATCH>INQUIRE>OPEN BATCH>choose OK. PCCHARGE is HOST capture so PTECH holds the settlement record. all the close batch does is tell PTECH to close the batch. Doing a INQUIRE syncs the software with the processor. this fixed our issue.

The client called back and let me know that they had auto settle turned on for this account and that is why it was already showing as settled because Ptech was settling it

Also PTECH recommended when closing the batch at night to use the EOD button (END OF DAY) and closing the batch from there. They also recommend using the Credit Card Detail Not the daily transaction summary report, it is a very confusing reports does not total returns does a gross number not net very difficult to reconcile. the credit card detail does totals for us and does not show a gross total.

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