the default settings for PCcillin are fine for scan tasks
-scan everything it defaults to monthly
-scan C drive weekly fridays
-scan program files monthly

everything else is unchecked.

for the scan settings default real time scan is enabled which scans files as they are being accessed or used. so if a virus is doing something on the PC it will scan the file and clean it. I also found in the scan settings a button that scans for spyware as well. it is on the realtime scan check SCAN FOR SPYWARE.

as for the mail scan settings I left the default settings but unchecked the display a pop-up message when scanning mail as I found it annoying

the internet settings I did not configure at all

Firewall settings I disabled the firewall settings becasue we have a firewall (router). if you dont have a router or hardware firewall you will want to leave the firewall enabled. this may interfere with network traffic or polling. so my suggestion is to disable the firewall after you have installed a router.