1) Install the USB drivers using the T:UTILITYPoll Displayscd7220-unRelease CD v1.1DriverCOM simulationWin Xp folder

2) Check the properties of the VIRTUAL COM PORT in the device manager to determine what COM PORT the device will be using

3) Install the OPOS drivers from T:UTILITYPoll Displayscd7220-unRelease CD v1.1DriverOPOS

4) Add a new device under Line Display using the CD-7220 as the model, NOT THE CD-7220NU

5) Once OPOS is installed, using the OPOS configuration utility setup the device to use the same COM PORT as the VIRTUAL COM PORT is installed as

6) Setup the device in Retail Pro to use OPOS 1.5 to use whatever Logical Device name you chose when you created the poll display in OPOS