Cannot start Retail Pro, The TechToolkit fails to open the database during startup.
– ORA-00600 [dbkif_find_next_record_1] error is present in the ALERT_RPROODS.LOG

Typically this is the result of a sudden system shutdown that leaves Oracle in a state where it needs to do crash recovery during startup. The error found in the alert log is an ORA-00600 with this exact string as the first argument: “[dbkif_find_next_record_1], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []”
The condition occurs while Oracle is performing an internal recovery process following a crash. The database fails to open due to a bug in a component that is used by Oracle for session recovery.
REF Oracle bug # 9139693

Oracle patch 45 for 11G, not yet deployed as a part of RetailPro9.

The Oracle recommended work around is to do the following.
1. Shutdown the database
2. Browse to the following folder. “Oraclediagrdbmsrproodsrproodsir” in Windows
3. Rename this file “”
4. Restart the database

Resume use of the system

i. The above workaround is intended for this specific ORA-00600 error condition. Do not use this workaround in an attempt to recover from other “similar” situations unless directed to by support.
ii. This workaround, while it has proved to work in some situations, may not fully resolve the problem due to other issues that may be present in the database. If the application of this workaround fails to restore the database to a full working state make a cold backup of the database and contact support.

It is advised that you make a backup of any files that are to be renamed.