This is the second time that we have seen this issue in Tech, From a PO the cusomter goes to print the tags and it says NOTHING TO PRINT. the items have Quantites on hand etc. We added the TAGS field in the inventory and found that the items were not checked. once we added the check mark they printed tags. so the tags field controls if ou can print tags or not. The issue here is RTI doesnt know what causes this check to become unmarked. Please keep an eye out for this issue and ask the client to see if they can tell us what they did to get it to happen.

if you define a new style and not choose a department code the tags check mark will not be pouplated. make attributes and colors and define them in inventory (still with out the department code) try to save it will tell you to add DCS. add a DCS. then go to the item list for the style and add the tag column and you will see that the tag box is not checked. I showed RTI and tested it in 8.51 and it also does it as well.