Case 1: Keyboard and Mouse are not working – this has nothing to do with the initialization of the scanner; the circuit is incomplete and the culprit is probably the cable, but we have been replacing both – see NCR CONTACT INFORMATION below…

Case 2: Keyboard and Mouse work, but Scanner does not – Scanner does not even light up – probably a bad scanner, but recommend replacing both scanner and cable. – see NCR CONTACT INFORMATION below…

Case 3: Keyboard and Mouse work, Scanner lights up but does not scan codes: initialization. Two files up on the also at folder

CW 3800g (Black Scanner) SETUP SCANS.pdf

CW 3700 (Tan Scanner) SETUP SCANS.pdf

The CW clients would download these files to their R:Install folders, right click on the appropriate one and choose PRINT – it will print to the NCR printer and provide the initialization scans.


Contact NCR (1-800-262-7782)
1. NCR Customer #: xxxxxxxxxxx
(T:DATAClientCartridge World Corp_NCR Site Numbers.mde)
If there is no NCR Cust#: if a new store, then tech requests NCR to open a Work Order for the CW Franchise – otherwise it would be best to have the Franchisee contact the NCR Rep prior to calling NCR Tech Support.
2. NCR equipment Class:
” Touchscreen/Computer -7402
” Scanner 7837-1000 PT# 497-0449263
(When ordering a Scanner always include cable)
” Scanner Cable 2357-1002 Pt# 497-0449254
(When ordering a cable always include Scanner)
3. Name of Store contact
4. Describe the problem

make sure the store/franchisee is provided with the work order number. (should have it from conference call)
make sure an email goes out with a short description, store number, and work order number to the following – use FYI in the subject line:


cc: franchisee