the CD is taped to the bottom of the LiteOn External CD – it will have a BHD sticker keeping the flap closed, and a notice printed on the CD “WS1 EMERGENCY RESTORE CD USE ONLY WHEN DIRECTED BY BHD SUPPORT – (916) 368-1070”

There are essentially two methods to boot to the external CD:
Method #1:
At the NCR Splash Screen, BEFORE the beep, press – this will bring up the boot device option screen (pressing after the beep will allow you access to the windows boot menu)

Method #2: (with this method you can leave the CD as the default)
On the NCR unit, you can enter the BIOS (press DEL at the NCR Splash Screen; I have found that pressing the key twice in rapid succession is more effective) then select BOOT > BOOT DEVICE PRIORITY

arrow to the right three times to select BOOT
arrow down once to select BOOT DEVICE PRIORITY

Press ENTER with BOOT DEVICE PRIORITY selected, and a popup window will display available devices; select the ATAPI CD/DVD – that action should move the PM-STxxx device (the hard drive) to the second position.

When the LITE-ON is set to be the 1st Boot Device; F10 to save/exit/restart is automatic… (with the CD inserted)

The restore sequence should start automatically. If something has occurred that has changed the drive letters, the CD will bring the NCR to an A: prompt, and you can CD GHOST GHOST and run the restore manually (the file name is SYSTEM.GHO)

Remove the CD at any time after the restoration has started, don’t have it reboot to it or it will RE-RESTORE…Put the CD back in the holder