This is/may be an OPOS message that the cash drawer is not opening quickly enough. The page from

NCR – THE SERVICE OBJECT TIMED OUT… is repeated below:

Let customer know that this entire process will take approximately 45 minutes, with three restarts…

Download the CW RPSW file from the BHD FTP site to R:
Unzip the file to the R: drive, using Path names; the Retail_Platform_Software_for_Windows.msi file will be located in the R:InstallNCR Drivers folder.
Note: there are instructional videos located at T:DATAClientCartridgeWorldNCR Movies for:

Un-install the NCR Retail Platform Software for Windows, (RPSW) then reinstall by double-clicking on the exe file.
Note: It may be necessary to manually stop the NCR services to uninstall (it’s usually faster anyway so do it…)
Refer to the Create_Profiles video to set up the CashDrawer, Line Display, and MSR profiles, then run each diagnostic.

Still getting the OPOS timeout? Call NCR to replace the cash drawer


Contact NCR (1-800-262-7782)
1. NCR Customer #: xxxxxxxxxxx
(T:DATAClientCartridge World Corp_NCR Site Numbers.mde)
If there is no NCR Cust#: if a new store, then tech requests NCR to open a Work Order for the CW Franchise – otherwise it would be best to have the Franchisee contact the NCR Rep prior to calling NCR Tech Support.
2. NCR equipment Class:
” Touchscreen/Computer -7402
” Cash Drawer – 2183
3. Name of Store contact
4. Describe the problem

make sure the store/franchisee is provided with the work order number. (should have it from conference call)
make sure an email goes out with a short description, store number, and work order number to the following – use FYI in the subject line:


cc: franchisee