To change the IP address on the MX915

As for accessing the IP settings on the MX915, you may use the following steps:

Press and Release the ‘reset’ button, located underneath the MSR. Or hold down 1, 5 and 9 simultaniously for 3 seconds


b. Device will boot into OS Menu


3. Once in the OS Menu, select the ‘supervisor’ option

4. Enter the password and press enter (166832)

5. Select ‘Administration’

6. Select ‘Communication’

7. Select ‘Network’

8. Select ‘Ethernet’

To set Static IP follow the below steps.

9. Press the pencil icon next to the ‘Mode’ option

10. Select ‘staticIP’ and press OK

11. Press the pencil next to each option and fill in your static IP info

12. Hit ‘Apply’

13. Verify that the Mode is now set to staticIP.

At this point, the unit will have saved configuration and needs to be brought back to the Genius Application:

1. Select the ‘Home’ option in the breadcrumbs to go to the main screen

2. Hit the ‘Run App’ button’

Device should take a minute then return to the Genius idle screen.