Here are the installation instructions for the MetroLogic Scale/Scanner, Stratos/2020.

I. Setup the Hardware
a. The scale with have 3 cables connected to it.
i. Power cable which comes from a power adapter, plugs into bottom-back-right of scale in port labeled “DC Power In”
ii. RS485 cable (looks like a network jack) coming from the Pole Display which plugs in near the Power plug in the port labeled “Scale – RS485 to Display”
iii. RS232 cable which plugs into the computer’s Serial Port (COM1 or COM2) and then plugs into the Scale on the opposite side of the power, on the port labeled “Scanner – RS232 to Host”
II. Install Drivers (NOTE: All drivers should be sent on a CD with the Scale)
a. Run “OPOSInstall.exe” with Modified date 11/14/05, found in T:DATATechmichaelScale, then run “MetroOPOS Administrator” from Programs and setup Profile:
i. Device Class = Scanner
ii. Profile Name = Scanner1
iii. Interface = RS232
iv. Com Port = COM1
v. Model Number = Stratos/2020
vi. Scale = Single Cable
vii. Click on “SAVE”
b. Configure Scale
i. Scale name = Scale1
ii. Scale type = Single Scale
iii. Interface = RS232
iv. Serial Port = COM1
v. Display = Yes
vi. Click on “Create Profile”
vii. Click on “YES” to program device
III. Configure Drivers
a. Run “MetroSet2Install.exe” with modified date 11/14/05, found in T:DATATechmichaelScale, then run “MetroSet 2” in Programs.
i. Expand POS Scanners, and click on Stratos/2020, then click on “Configure Stratos/2020 Scanner”
ii. Click on “Global Defaults”
iii. Click on “Primary Output” and set Parity = NONE, close this box and choose yes to save.
iv. Click on “Scale I/O” and check “Single cable Scanner/Scale”, close this box and choose yes to save.
v. Click on “Special Protocols” and click on “RS232 OPOS English”
vi. Click on Download, these settings will now be sent to the scale.
IV. Set up Retail Pro 8 Series
a. Copy “OPOSScale.ocx” and “OPOSScanner.ocx” found in “R:Retail8RproDesignOcx” into “R:Retail8RproDesignOPOSOCX”
b. Go into W/S Preferences > Peripherals
i. OPOS Scale Type = OPOS 1.5
ii. OPOS Scale Device Name = Scale1
iii. OPOS Scanner Type = OPOS 1.5
iv. OPOS Scanner Device Name = Scanner1
v. Save Settings
c. Go into System Preferences > Merchandise
i. Make sure “Use Decimal Quantities” is selected
ii. Save Settings
d. In Merchandise > Inventory, add the field “Qty Decimals” and set = 2 for items you wish to weigh.
e. In new receipt, scan an item you wish to weigh using the scale, then click in the QTY field, place the item on the scale and press ALT-W to capture the weight in RPRO.