I saw this error Twice this weekend. Jogging the dates did not fix got License EXPIRED. Went into the v8 license manager, and saw that the license doesnt expire untill 2012. chose update license. Had to reenter the unser ID and password and then it updated. went into RPRO and it applied the new dates worked fine.

FYI in answer book

RTI asked if when we activate the licensing, are we going to Activate directly or are we going to prefs and then setting up the username and password,and then activating.

they said that if you dont go to prefs and set the user and pass there it will work and not save the user name and password.

if it happens again make a copy of the entire RPRO directory before updating.

The manual says to go to prefs so we need to be doing that if you are not. so make sure you are setting up the user name and password in PREFS. before activating.