To set up RPRO for an Indiana Parallel Cash Drawer do the following. Take the Y cable from the Cash Drawer and plug in the male end into the computer. If you are connecting a Printer to the cash drawer plug it into the other end of the Y cable, otherwise you may need a end plug for the empty end of the cable. Set the Jumper switches on the cash drawer as follows Switch 1 (set of 4 switches) All On if No Printer Attached All Off if Printer Attached Switch 2 12345678 11100000 1=on 0=off In Rpro, Set up the printer for the correct printer type and LPT Port. If no printer is installed use Printer A and set it for IBM GP Printer, then go to Setup>Workstation>Point of Sale>Cash Drawer Options>Type and choose Printer A (Or B if that is what it is set on). Set the control code to be Ctrl-G Gtrl-G (Ascii 7 twice) then enter, then choose Opening Time and set it to after printing. PS to test it you can use the DOS procedure for opening a cash drawer and sub in LPT1 or LPT2 for COM1 or COM2.