This post fixed my issue with loading cross sell getting the same issue. FOLLOW THE STEPS EXACLY you have to DOUBLE CLICK on the created EXE and then load and it works.

ikernel.exe cannot be launched; RPC Server is unavailable –SOLVED


I was trying to install a Dell Network driver on a newly refurbished
laptop. I continued to get the error msg: “InstallShield (ikernel.exe)
cannot be launched; RPC Server is unavailable”
I tried all the suggestions (from MSKB, etc) regarding RPC Server
problems to no avail.
Then I noticed the following file in the folder that came with the Dell

>From a command prompt in that directory I typed:
expand ikernel.ex_ ikernel.exe

this created an executable. I double clikced on the resulting
executable. Nothing seemed to happen, but the next time I tried to load
the driver (by clicking on the setup.exe) it worked!

I still don’t know why the normal InstallShield engine can’t be found
(maybe a PATH problem??), but at least it works.