Dear Authorized Retail Pro® Business Partner,

The Merchant Warehouse Genius solutions are now available for Retail Pro 8.6 and Retail Pro 9.2. These products require that an order be placed in the Retail Pro Ordering System and that you receive a Genius ID from us in order to complete the onboarding process with Merchant Warehouse. In addition, the RP8 Genius product requires a ppmlic.dat file so that it may integrate with Retail Pro 8.6.

Following is a link to download a PDF file that explains the process for placing an order within the Retail Pro Ordering System, receiving the Genius ID, and creating the ppmlic.dat file.

Ordering the Merchant Warehouse Genius Solution

Additional documentation, FAQ’s, and a document that explains the onboarding procedure between Retail Pro, Merchant Warehouse, the Business Partner, and the customer can be found on the partners website at

Please note that the following minimum releases of Retail Pro are required for Merchant Warehouse Genius products:

RP8 Genius – Retail Pro 8.60.500.191
RP9 Genius – Retail Pro 9.20.763.374
Retail Pro